Cantabs Partner with Abbotts Prestige

Abbotts Prestige and Cantabs recently announced a partnership with the Junior Squad. The partnership has grown out of an association last year with the Cambridge Regatta, and aims to recognise the value of rowing amongst young people in Cambridge, and in particular Cantabs’ commitment to inclusivity in rowing and the development of all rowers to achieve their full potential.

Abbotts Prestige’s support of the Cantabs Junior Performance Squad will encourage the enthusiastic, committed and talented children to train upwards of 4 times per week and race both on and off the Cam, thereby encouraging excellence at grass roots level in the club. A number of Cantabs juniors have gone on to row successfully at national junior competitions, and later at the senior level.

The partnership means the club can now increase funding for the less advantaged junior rowers and provide matching kit, as well as increasing the supply of good equipment to allow children from all backgrounds to be able to compete alongside larger clubs and successful private schools in the UK who have significantly more resources for equipment and coaching.

Junior coach Gary O’Shea said, “We are extremely pleased to work alongside Abbotts Prestige to support the junior programme as a whole, whilst increasing funding available to talented youngsters to enable them to compete at a national level.”

Abbotts Prestige were also impressed by the volunteer army of Learn to Row helpers and coaches who make the Cantabs Learn to Row so vibrant. This allows young people to include sport in their lives, making it a lifelong habit and benefitting physical and emotional well-being, and general health and fitness. It also provides a platform for the development of life skills such as teamwork, leadership skills and communication with people of all ages and backgrounds… not to mention the forming of friendships and good old fashioned fun in boats.

Children with disabilities are also encouraged to join the club, and can be coached in adaptive boats and on land as the club has facilities for people with disabilities.

Coach Oli Frazer said, “This funding will enable us to train Cantabs Juniors on to compete nationally at junior level, but also to set up a feeder squad for our successful upper boats – providing an important junior development squad”.

Cantabs would like to extend their gratitude to Abbotts Prestige for making this all possible.

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