Boat Races 2018

At Boat Races on Saturday, there was Cantabs representation in the CUWBC Blue Boat and Blondie. Myriam Goudet-Boukhatmi, at 7 in the Blue Boat, rowed at Cantabs before joining CUWBC, racing in a W2- with Club Captain Ellie Darlington, winning the W2- at Ghent International Regatta and representing England at Home International Regatta also in the W2-.

The Blue Boat had a fantastic race, which saw them moving away from Oxford from the first stroke, and going on to win by 7 lengths. This marks the second victory for Myriam, who was in last year’s winning crew, as well as the 2016 crew which nearly swamped in terrible conditions. You can watch the full race here.

Myriam (left) celebrates with the Blue Boat after winning the Women’s Boat Race by 7 lengths

Stroke of Blondie was Millie Perrin, who learned to row at Cantabs as a junior, and continued to row with Cantabs during her undergraduate degree at Cambridge. Last season she won Pairs Head and WEHORR pennants with Cantabs, and was in the crews which won the club 8+ at Henley Women’s Regatta in a course record time, and won the first ever women’s eights headship for Cantabs in Town Bumps.

Millie (right) celebrating her win with Blondie

Blondie had a strong start and were 6 seconds ahead of Osiris going past the Mile Post, continuing to pull away throughout the course. Like with the Blue Boat, their race became somewhat of a procession after half way, with Blondie crossing the line 9 lengths ahead of Osiris.

Congratulations to Millie and Myriam on their wins, and the rest of their crews!

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