Boating restrictions lifted

7-May: Conditions on the Cam seem to be returning to normal and the boating restriction for Cantabs crews has now been lifted.  As ever, crews should consider whether conditions are safe for their outing before boating.  Crews that boat should exercise caution, allowing extra room when easying and spinning to avoid drifting into trouble.


5-6 May: Race outings may go ahead as marshals on the banks should mitigate risks to a large extent. Crews are encouraged not to boat for other outings over the weekend due to continued high water levels and fast stream.


4-May: Due to current river conditions, only first crews are permitted to boat.  Any crew seeking an exception to this must obtain express permission from the Club Captain before their outing.  Crews that are permitted to boat should, as ever, carefully assess conditions and decide if they are safe to go out.

Several (non-Cantabs) crews got into trouble at Baits Bite lock yesterday (3rd May) and the sluice gates have opened further since then, so the flow is likely to be even faster.

Any crew boating is cautioned to allow extra space above Baits Bite lock and must not spin downstream of the “spin here” signs.  Please also allow extra space to avoid collisions with other river users, including moored boats.  When visibility is limited, crews should display appropriate lights.

An update will be posted here and at when these restrictions have been lifted.


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