Christmas Head 2019

The festive fancy dress racing at Christmas Head is always good fun, and this year proved no different as crews from across all Cantabs squads raced in fancy dress, with some coming home with wins despite having to negotiate some complicated costumes!

SSBB 4+, fastest W4+

The fastest W4+ of the day and fastest Mx4+ of the day both came from the Senior Women’s Squads. These crews were racing in battleship rigs, with the Mx4+ racing rigged as bow-bow-stroke-stroke, with coach Chris Radbone in the 2 seat, and the W4+ as stroke-stroke-bow-bow.

xx– crew as Concept2 blades

Other fun rigs came in the form of two crews rigged half sculling, and half sweep. The sculling-sculling-sweep-sweep crew, dressed as Concept2 Cantabs blades, narrowly edged out the sweep-sweep-sculling-sculling Teletubbies by only 2 seconds, despite finding their spoons getting in the way in a headwind!

Fastest Challenge 8+

Elsewhere, the Hills Road boys were successful in the bigger boats, winning the Challenge 8+ and the Novice 8+. The Cantabs junior boys were also successful in the J17.8+, Mx.J16.4x+, Mx.J15.8x+, J18.4+, J16.2x and the J18 girls were the fastest J18 crew, and only 2 seconds off being the fastest women’s crew overall despite being started off behind college novice crews.

J18 girls’ 8+

There were also wins for some masters crews, including the MasCD.2x, and the women’s Progression Squad were victorious in the W4+ event.

Hunter Crew’s Royal Ascot theme

Thank you to Bill Amos for the photos. Full results can be found here.

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