Multiple Cantabs wins at Ely Head 2019

Ely Head runs several divisions, with 2 possible course lengths: a short 3k course, and a long 5k course. Cantabs was represented in all divisions, with multiple wins in each.

The Aquaphobes secured their first off-Cam win of the season. Posting 20:06 over the 5k course, they were the quickest masters boat overall, coming 12th overall. They beat second placed St Neots by more than 2 and a half minutes to win MasCDE.8+.

The Senior Women had a good outing, coming away with several wins. Gill Cooper, Christina Woolner, Debbie Morley and Sue Hakenbeck also raced the 5k course in their W4-, beating the second placed non-masters opponents from Cambridge 99 despite having to pause to avoid getting tangled in weed during the closing stages of the race.

Sue and Christina also raced in the 3k division in a composite W.Mas.4x with Carole Mills and Lou Affleck. This was a reunion of the crew that raced at the World Rowing Masters Regatta in September, and they finished as the fastest W4x and fastest women over the 3k course by over 48 seconds. In the short division, Jack Goode and Jeremy Austin raced well to finish as the fastest M2x and second fastest crew, less than 1 second behind a 4+ from Fitzwilliam College.

The fastest W4x and fastest women over the 5k course was also a Cantabs crew, with Isabella Mahoney, Evelyn Svingen, Maria Stroyakovski and Molly Shaw taking home the silver. They were also the fastest women’s crew by 37 seconds.

The fastest W1x of the longer course was Georgie Plunkett, 21 seconds ahead of the 2nd placed sculler. Cantabs athletes also featured in 3rd and 4th in this event for Natasha Treagust and ChiYing Chen, respectively.

Junior William Woodard put in an excellent race in the J16.1x, annihilating his field to win by well over a minute. There were also good performances for Onur and Felix to hold off a GB Start 2x for most of the course. The J18 girls also had a good race, competing in the senior women’s event. Coach Adrian Boyle said:

The organisers had poked the girls by starting them last of all of the women’s eights. They might as well have kicked a hornet’s nest! Amy set a cracking pace, and Charlotte had to do some dodgem steering to overtake four crews. A deserved win by over 40 seconds ahead of the second placed crew.

Full results can be found here.

The Senior Women’s crews next race at Fours Head and Vet Fours Head this weekend. If you’re interested in joining any of our squads, please visit their pages on the website or contact the women’s captain, men’s captain or junior captain.

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