How to find us

Cantabrigian Boathouse

Cantabrigian RC Boathouse, Pepys Court, Cambridge, CB4 1GF

Access is via Pepys Court only; there is no access from Lynfield Lane. If arriving by car, please park in a nearby street, e.g. Church Street or St Andrew’s Road, and walk to the boathouse from there. Parking on the estate is for residents only, and we must not park on, or adjacent to, the access road to the boathouse. If arriving by bicycle, there are cycle racks on the estate, or you can lock your bicycle to the cable provided along the wall outside the boathouse. Please use a good lock and certainly don’t leave your bicycle unlocked – there have occasionally been thefts.

To reach the boathouse from St Andrew’s Road: turn into the housing estate (Scholar’s Walk). Go straight on until you have to turn right, then take next left (still Scholar’s Walk). Take the first right (Pepys Court), and then turn left through a parking area. Turn right onto a narrow track with zig-zag paving, then turn left to cross a ditch and finally turn right onto a non-paved track, from where the boathouse is in front of you.

To avoid disturbing local residents, please be quiet when passing through the housing estate early in the morning or late in the evening.

Cambridgeshire Rowing Association Boathouse

Cambridge Rowing Association Boathouse, Kimberley Road, Cambridge, CB4 1HJ

Parking near the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (CRA) Boathouse is mostly restricted to residents (Monday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm), although there are a few Pay and Display spaces. Visitors are encouraged to arrive by bicycle or on foot, if possible. You can lock bicycles to the railings between the CRA and Fitzwilliam boathouses, although this spot does get full at peak times.