Handbook: Cam Navigation and Rules of the River

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Cam Navigation

Map of Navigation and Landmarks on the CamHigher resolution map

Rules of the River

  • Travel on the right of the river, except between the Plough and the Gut, where cross-over points are marked with signs on the bank
  • Give way to crews coming upstream or racing
  • If you stop, pull over and let other crews pass
  • Let faster crews overtake if possible
  • No crew should spin where they may impede another crew
  • No crew has the right of way if on the wrong side of the river
  • Stay at least 50m away from the weirs – more if there is a fast stream
  • Outings after dusk must carry lights
  • No unaccompanied beginners downstream of Elizabeth Way Road bridge
  • Be polite and considerate towards other river users

University and College Crews which row under the auspices of the Cambridge University Combined Boat Club must follow additional rules that it is useful to be aware of.

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