Good performances at Schools Head 2019

On Friday 15th March, 4 Cantabs crews raced at the Schools Head of the River Race in London. Strong winds made the 6.7km course even more challenging than usual, with the juniors doing a great job of rowing well in them despite being used to a much calmer river.

Girls’ Crews

The J18 girls’ 1st boat came 7th in the Schools 1st 8+ category, the best result for Cantabs juniors in recent years. It is the first time in at least 5 years that a Cantabs girls’ crew has placed in the top 10 in this event. The crew were able to adapt their rowing to the conditions successfully, enabling them to overtake a Headington School crew and push off the Emmanuel School crew that was chasing them. Cox Charlotte Parr (J15), rose to the challenge of coxing the Tideway for the first time.

Girls’ 1st 8+

The girls’ 2nd crew raced well. For most of the girls it was their first time on the Tideway. They were one of only 4 girls’ 2nd eights to race, meaning that they had to race in the 1st 8+ category. They placed 18th, a respectable result.

Boys’ Crews

The Hills boys entered 3 eights for the first time at SHORR. Unfortunately, due to the high winds the organisers had to reduce the number of entries, meaning that the Hills 3rd boat weren’t able to race.

Boys’ 1st 8+

The 1st 8+ had a good row, finishing 54th overall and 14th of the school 1st boats from all schools across the country. It was the fastest time for a Hills Road boys’ crew in the past 5 years. The 2nd boat were the best 2nd boat in recent years, finishing in 92nd place. Their time was the fastest for any Hills Road 2nd boat on record.

The crews

Sch 1st 8+ Cantabrigian A (14th): Robert Steyn, Phil Sosnin, Jeremy Austin, Jed Beynon, Ethan Collier, Joshua Pearson, Sam Askew, Laurence Beauregard, Emily Staplehurst (cox)

Sch 2nd 8+ Cantabrigian B (14th): Bertie Wilkinson, George Lawn, Alex Hunjan, Joel Newsam, Borisz Kantor, Maxim Braunschweiler, Joe Comyn, JP Levick, Anthony Austin (cox)

Girls’ Sch 1st 8+ Cantabrigian A (7th): Freya Sutcliffe, Lorna McBride, Katie Oliver, Jessie Hassett, Zara Parr, Mia Beauchamp, Amy Hill, Lucy Jennion, Charlotte Parr (cox)

Girls’ Sch 1st 8+ Cantabrigian E (18th): Cass Baumberg, Catherine Morley, Emma Stephens, Siena Neaves, Ghazal Seidi, Eva James, Ruby Page, Michelle Santos, Emily Walker (cox)

Full results can be found here.

Thank you to all of the junior coaches and volunteers who were able to support the crews on the day, and to Guy Beauchamp for the photos.

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