Something about bumps…

To help keep track of key information about Bumps 2012 a Bumps reference document has been created in the Announcements section of the Forum.

NB: The Announcements section of the Forum is only available to club members so you will need to log in to the website to access it.  If you have not logged in for a while, please note that usernames are of the format Firstname Lastname (not your e-mail address).  There is a password reset tool if you cannot remember your password; this will generate an e-mail from WordPress with a new password in.  Some e-mail systems will treat this as spam, so please check your spam folder.  If the password reset tool will not acknowledge your username and e-mail address, please consider whether you may have used a different e-mail address when you set up your club membership.

If you are still having problems with access, please contact the Membership Secretary, Tim Walker via the Committee page.



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