50:50 Draw

– an informal monthly social event and fund-raiser

What is the 50:50 Draw about, I hear you ask?
The 50:50 Draw is a fun way to contribute towards purchases of rowing equipment, meet up with fellow Cantabs members and be in with a chance to win a cash prize! The draw is open to all members of Cantabs.

Cash prize? How does that work if the club wants to raise money?

The Cantabs Gazebo - purchased with proceeds of the 50:50 draw!

The Cantabs Gazebo – purchased with proceeds of the 50:50 draw

Great question! The 50:50 Draw is what it says on the tin. Cantabs members who want to take part pay a monthly subscription of £5 per entry. 50% of the entry money goes into the prize pot and the other 50%  goes towards buying new kit for Cantabs or investing in facilities, e.g., boats, oars, cox-boxes, boat racks etc. Purchases so far include a video camera for coaching, junior cox-boxes, equipment for the indoor training area, and a smart gazebo which has provided shelter from rain and sun at numerous events!

Can I have more than one entry for each draw?
Yes! Each entry requires a monthly subscription of £5 and you can enter as many times as you want, which will increase your chance of winning. The more entries each month, the more money in the pot and, most importantly, the more kit we can buy for the club. If we sell 50 numbers that would mean £1,500 a year extra for club equipment and if 100 numbers are sold that’s £3,000 extra a year and the prize pot is a whopping £250 each month!

So how do I find out if I’ve won?
Every month we hold a prize draw, sometimes at the Haymakers pub in Chesterton and sometimes as part of another club social activity. This is a great opportunity to meet other club members and get to know your fellow Cantabrigians. Winners who cannot make it to the draw are notified of their success via e-mail. Recent winners are listed at https://cantabsrowing.org.uk/forums/topic/5050-news (login required).

Sounds great, how do I sign up?
Easy! Sign up using the Application Form below and set up a standing order (very quick to do via online banking, but if you prefer you can download and complete this Standing Order form and send it to your bank

If you have any questions please email: secretary@cantabsrowing.org.uk