Success at Winter League 2019

Cantabs crews put in some great performances in the 3rd and final leg of the Winter League on Sunday 24th, coming away with wins in 15 events.

The Hills Road boys’ crews did particularly well to win all 4 events that they were racing in, with success for the Cantabs women’s squads in the eights events.


The women’s 8+ events were won predominantly by Cantabs crews. The Senior Women’s Championship 8+ were the fastest W8+ overall, and finished as the 9th fastest crew in the event.

The Senior Women also enjoyed success in the Women’s Club A 8+, and the Intermediate Women in the Women’s Club B 8+. The Women’s J18 8+ was won by the Cantabs Junior Performance Squad, some 4 minutes ahead of the 2nd placed crew in their event, and were the 2nd fastest W8+ overall.

The Men’s Club B 8+ was won by Cantabs’ Hills Road Squad, as was the Men’s Novice 8+. There was a good performance from the Aquaphobes, who won Men’s MasD 8+, with 2nd place going to the Poachers.



The Hills Road boys also enjoyed wins in the Men’s Novice 4x and J18 4x.

The junior girls finished as the fastest W4x overall, the only J18 4x racing.

Fours & Doubles

The J18 girls also did well in the 4+ event, putting in the fastest W4+ time of the League.

The Senior Women won the Women’s Novice 2x event.


Jack Goode won the Men’s Club A 1x, with Hadi Boukhatmi finishing 3rd. Andrew Morley was the fastest Men’s MasD 1x.

Georgie Plunkett was once again the fastest W1x overall by a considerable margin.

Full results can be found here.

If you are interested in joining any of our squads, please visit the squads pages of our website to find out more.

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