Town Bumps 2021 Day 1

Town Bumps 2021 began with divisions 2 and 3 racing, whilst the first divisions had their ‘day off’. Cantabs crews enjoyed some great racing, and finished +7 overall. The next highest finishing club was Radegund on +2.

Women’s Divisions

Women’s Division 3 kicked the women’s squads’ bumps campaign off in style and 3 of the 4 Cantabs crews bump, and one row over.

W10 receiving their willow

W9 (‘COGS’) were automatically awarded a bump after City W8 failed to turn up to race on time. Behind them, W10 (Intermediate Squad) bumped Isle of Ely W2. W12 (Progression Squad) bumped City W9, and W11 (Hills Road Returners) rowed over in between. They will be looking to bump Isle of Ely W2 on Tuesday.

Division 2 was similarly successful, with every Cantabs crew who could be expected to bump bumping!

W5 celebrating their bump

W5 (Senior Squad) bumped City W4 right outside the Plough, enjoying applause from spectators in the beer garden. Elsewhere, W6 (Junior Performance/Hills Road girls) bumped Cambridge 99 W5. W7 (Intermediate Squad) started behind W6, so rowed over but will be looking to bump Nines on Wednesday. At the foot of the division, W8 (J15/16 Juniors) bumped Chesterton W3 quickly and will have their sights set on St Neots W2 on Wednesday.


Cantabs women’s crews finished +6 for the day.

Men’s Divisions

In Men’s Division 3, M10 (Hunter Crew) achieved the lone Cantabs bump of this division, catching Chesterton M3. M11 (Motley Crew) rowed over behind them and will be looking to catch Chesterton on Tuesday.

M12 heading to the start

Elsewhere, M12 (J15/16 Juniors) rowed over behind some crews which bumped out ahead of them. M13 (Invetereight) put up a good fight against a Cambridge 99 M8 crew of juniors young enough to be their grandchildren, but unfortunately were bumped. M9 (Past Masters) rowed over behind crews who bumped out.


Division 2 saw M5 (Aquaphobes) row over at the head of the division. They will act as sandwich boat in Men’s Division 1 on Tuesday. Starting 10th in the division, M6 (Coaches) had every single crew between them and M5 bump out and so had a comfortable row over. On Wednesday they will be looking to bump City M6, who had been quickly bumped by City M7! Behind them, M7 (Poachers) bumped City M8 and M8 (Hills Road) rowed over.


Cantabs men’s crews finished +1 for the day.

Thank you to all Cantabs members who marshalled yesterday and to all the supporters who came out to watch.

You can find out more about who raced in these crews by reading the women’s crews announcements and men’s crews announcements for 2021.

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