Town Bumps 2021 Day 2

Tuesday 20th July was the 2nd day of Town Bumps 2021, though the first day of racing for divisionn 1 crews. Cantabs crews raced well yet again, finishing +4 for the day and +12 for the week so far.

Tuesday was Division 2’s day off.

Men’s Divisions

The headline performance on Tuesday was M1 bumping Cambridge 99 M1 to take back the headship. In what must be one of the fastest bumps of a head crew, Cantabs bumped on Grassy Corner, well clear of Robs M1 behind.

Elsewhere, both M2 (Senior Men) and M3 (Hills Road Returners) rowed over. M4 (Hills Road) bumped Champs M1 before the A14 bridge, and M5 (Aquaphobes) bumped St Neots M1 to get into Division 1.

M4 after collecting their willow

In Division 3, M9 (Past Masters) bumped Champs M3 and M11 (Motley) had their second row over of the week. Three crews fell victim to bumps, with M10 (Hunter Crew) being bumped by Chesterton M3, who they had bumped on Monday! M12 (J15/16 Juniors) were bumped by Nines M8 and M13 (Invetereight) were bumped by Nines M9. M13 start ahead of the Cambridge Vets on Thursday.

Women’s Divisions

Tuesday saw W1 enjoying a comfortable over as Head of the River ahead of City W1. W2 (Senior Women) were close behind, getting to just outside of a canvas on City W1 by the finish.

W3 (Senior Women) had a comfortable row over directly behind them, as Nines W1 had bumped X-Press W1 behind them. W4 (Senior Women) followed behind, rowing over comfortably ahead of Chesterton W1.

W2 closing on City W1

In Division 3, there were 3 bumps and a row over. W9 (‘COGS’) bumped Nines W6. W10 (Intermediate Women) bumped City W8 within 20 strokes. W11 (Hills Road Returners) bumped Isle of Ely W2. W12 (Progression Squad) rowed over but will be looking to bump Isle of Ely themselves on Thursday.

You can find full results on the CRA website here (although there does, at time of writing, appear to be a glitch on the John Jenner tab).

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