Town Bumps 2022 Day 2

The 2nd of 3 days of racing took place on Thursday, with Cantabs finishing +9 for the day, the biggest climb of all clubs, including W1 rowing over as Head of the River and W4 bumping XPress W1 which now means 4 of the top 6 crews in Women’s Division 1 are Cantabs. Cantabs currently leads the John Jenner, with an average climb of 0.64 across all crews with the 2nd place club on 0.42.

W1 rowing over as Head of the River

Women’s Divisions

Women’s Division 3 saw 4 bumps and 2 row-overs, as Cantabs crews continued to ascend. W14 (‘Racks Out‘) rowed over as W13 (Women’s Progression Squad) immediately ahead of the bumped City W11, though came within 1L of an overbump on XPress W5 so will be looking for a bump today. W12 (‘Young Guns’) turned the tables on St Neots W3 by bumping them back after Wednesday’s equipment malfunction. W11 (Junior Squad 3) bumped Isle of Ely W2, and W10 bumped City W8 leaving Cantabs W9 (‘COGS’) ahead of them rowing over.

W13 celebrating their bump

In Division 2, the junior girls continued their bumps-only week, with W8 (Junior Squad, who had bumped up into Division 2 the day before) bumping Champs W4 and W5 bumped Champs W3, and hope to bump up into Division 1 today. W6 (Senior Women 5) rowed over yet again, after the crew 2 ahead crashed into the bank off the start, giving Nines W5 an easy bump. An overbump was on the cards until City W6 quickly bumped Nines W4, and an attempt was made on a double overbump but failed after W6 ran out of water. W7 (Intermediate Women 1) rowed over immediately behind.

W8 about to bump

Division 1 saw some bumps in both directions, with W3 (Senior Women 3) bumped by Nines W1, but W4 (Senior Women 4) bumping XPress W1. This sees 4 of the top 6 crews in Division 1 being Cantabs crews, something which hasn’t happened for any club in the history of bumps. W2 (Senior Women 5) rowed over, as did W1 (Senior Women 1) as Head of the River.

W4 about to bump XPress W1

This sees the Cantabs women +13 after two days of racing.

Men’s Divisions

Men’s Division 3 saw action of every variety, with M11 (Invetereight) being bumped by City M11 and M10 (Hunters) continuing their bumping streak by bumping City M10. Sadly, their streak may end today as they start behind M9 (Past Masters) who rowed over.

On Thursday, Hunters lifted themselves up from being lucky to making their own luck. The ghosts of Bumps rowing legends of old seemed to have permeated every cell of their being – for 436 meters they were rowing gods. A good start was followed by an explosive burst of speed that soon left behind a revengeful XPress 4 crew as Hunters moved on to close in quickly on City 10. At First Post, City 10’s dirty water rocked their rhythm and poise but this only slightly delayed the inevitable with Hunters powering Lucy J ever-onward to put City to the sword in front of the baying crowd at Osiers Holt.

Paul Robinson, M10

There was more mixed fortune in Men’s Division 2, where M6 (Coaches) had an epic row over, M7 (Junior Squad 2) being bumped by Nines M5, and M8 (Poachers) bumping XPress M3.

M10 about to bump

Division 1 saw M4 (Senior Men 2) and M5 (Aquaphobes) enjoy bumps on City M3 and Champs M1, respectively, with M4 really putting in the hard work by bumping only 100 metres before the finish. M3 (Hills Road) rowed over again behind XPress M1. M2 (Hills returners) suffered a bump by City M1, and M1 (Senior Men 1)again closed the gap on Nines M1 but were unable to catch them.

M4 celebrating their bump

The Cantabs men are now +3 for the week.

Thank you to Bill Amos once more for the racing photos.

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