Town Bumps Crew Announcement: Women’s Crews

This year, Cantabs will be entering a club record 12 women’s eights to Town Bumps, an increase on last year’s record 11 when the Cantabs women’s crews went up a net of 7 places overall.

The women’s squads have had a phenomenal year, with the Senior Women’s Squad putting in strong performances on the national scale to come away with wins at prestigious races. A strong start to the season saw wins in the winter months at events such as Pairs Head, where Cantabs won the W.IM1.2- pennant, finishing as the 2nd fastest W2- overall. The women’s masters contingent showed their strength in the winter months, with a win in W.MasC.4+ at the Vet Fours Head of the River and a 2nd place finish in W.MasC.8+ at the Vet Eights Head of the River, finishing just behind a Swiss crew containing multiple ex-internationals.

Winning Henley Women’s Regatta, 2017
Photo credit: Not Just Rowing

Emma Dalrymple, who  learned to row at Cantabs in 2015 and only joined the Senior Women’s Squad in January, joined more established squad members from the crew which finished 14th and won the Provincial Pennant at WEHoRR, to race at Henley Women’s Regatta in the club eights. Not only did the crew win the Invesco Perpetual Cup for club eights in a nail-biting final where they beat TSS by just a canvas, but they smashed the course record by a whopping 11 seconds in the process.

It was not just crew boats that Cantabs were successful this season, with Georgie Plunkett finishing as the 12th fastest woman at the Scullers Head of the River and continuing this fine form throughout the season, including a dominant performance to win the women’s club 1x at Wallingford Regatta this summer.

The Cantabs women’s crews at Town Bumps contain 8 athletes who have competed in the Women’s Boat Race, Lightweight Women’s Boat Race, Lightweight Men’s Boat Race and Women’s Reserve Race. Among the crews are 11 HWR winners, 3 athletes who have represented England at the Home International Regatta and 2 who have qualified for Henley Royal Regatta. The crews also boast several BUCS, EUSA, Brit Champs and Indoor Champs medallists.

The 2017 Cantabs women’s crews


W1 is the same line-up as the crew which raced at the Henley Royal Regatta Qualifiers, where they finished well within the mix of non-qualifiers for the Remenham Challenge Cup for international women’s eights. 6 of this crew were in last year’s Town Bumps W1, which rowed over 2nd every day. Stroke Millie Perrin‘s mother, Katrina, coxes M8 and 4-seat Alice Brownjohn‘s husband Phil rows in M14.

W1 – Senior Women’s Squad – starting 2nd in division 1:
Esther Momcilovic/Isabel Nimmo (cox), Millie Perrin*, Ellie Darlington, Jordan Bruce, Bailee Stratton, Alice Brownjohn, Emma Dalrymple*, Harriet Cross, Georgia Vann

W2 2-seat Merodie Rose‘s husband Tom rows in the same seat in M3. Her crew contains 2 members of the WEHoRR Provincial Pennant winning crew and 4 athletes who have raced for Cambridge in one of the Boat Races.

W2 – Senior Women’s Squad – starting 5th in division 1:
Callum Mantell/Isabel Nimmo (cox), Alex Courage, Georgie Plunkett, Izzy Vyvyan, Eve Caroe, Kate Willis*, Megan Lloyd-Palmer, Merodie Rose, Eve Beere*

W3 – Senior Women’s Squad – starting 11th in division 1:
Josh Blake (cox), Ana Hernandez*, Lydia Marsh, Clare Hall, Barbora Janulikova, Fiona Collins-Taylor, Jess Sandle-Brownlie*, Hannah Stewart, Megan Leoni*

W4 would actually qualify as a Masters C crew, and contains athletes who have been members of the club for up to 15 years. The crew features the 4 rowers from the winning Vet Fours Head crew, and 4 rowers from 2016’s Town Bumps W3 which went up 3 places, in addition to other experienced athletes.

Marie Guingouain, in particular, has a lot of sculling experience. In 2002 she won Henley Women’s in the W2x and represented England at Home International Regatta in the W2x and W4x, and in 2005 she qualified for the Princess Grace at Henley Royal Regatta.

W4 – Senior Women’s Squad – starting 4th in division 2:
Colette Milbourn* (cox), Gill Cooper, Sue Hakenbeck, Marie Guingouain, Christina Woolner, Sue Waterhouse*, Maria Fischer, Hana Lango Allen, Judith Weik*

W5 cox Roz FitzGerald also coxes M9. Bow seat Rebecca Cicolecchia‘s husband Lucio also races at bow in M6, and their children also row for Cantabs.

W5 – Intermediate Women’s Squad – starting 15th in division 2:
Roz FitzGerald (cox), Debbie Morley*, Liz Jamie, Sally Hames*, Nathalie Flower, Marjon Hilgenga*, Steph Creasey*, Emma Siragher*, Rebecca Cicolecchia*

The J18 crew contains most of the girls who raced at Henley Women’s Regatta and at the Henley Royal Qualifiers in the JW4x.

W6 – J18s – starting 16th in division 2:
Hannah Jones, Emily May*/Bea Loveridge*, Kitty Hardyman*, Eva Hill*, Rosie Robinson*, Roseanna Allwood*, Tabitha Thorton-Swan*/Becca Clarke*, Fiona McBride*, Beth Bradshaw*

In division 3, there will be tight competition between Cantabs W8, W9 and W10 who all start behind each other.

W7 – J15s – starting 11th in division 4:
Eva Hill* (cox), Zara Parr*, Mia Beauchamp*, Hollie Adams*/Kitty Hardyman*, Lucy Newman*, Helena Grisenthwaite*, Olivia Boyle*, Jessie Hassett*, Amy Hill*

W8 – Hills Road W1 – starting 4th in division 3:
Susan Rutter* (cox), Ellie Stephens*, Anna Norgett*, Alicia Overall*, Shona Bordoni*/Alice Haddow*, Kiah Conroy*, Emma Clarke*, Emily Stephens*, Chloe Moulding*/Becca Durrant*

W10 cox Amy Henfry has been coxing her Cambridge college this season, but is making a reappearance to cox the Progression Squad for Town Bumps. In 2016, Amy coxed Cantabs M1 to row over every day as head of the river.

W9 – Progression Squad W1 – starting 9th in division 4:
Amy Henfry (cox), Barbara Blacklaws*, Irina Abnizova*/Akiko Inagaki, Aoife McMahon*, Servane Lenne, Kate Belger*/Laura Hourigan*, Jennifer Mullucks*/Anna Popova*, Alyson Savill*, Maureen Donnelly*

Approximately half of the Hills Road girls’ crews only learned to row this academic year.

W10 – Hills Road W2 – starting 7th in division 3:
Matt Adams* (cox), Fay Amstutz*, Vivienne Chee*, Alice Haddow*, Becca Durrant*/Fran Howard*, Teesta Das*/Alex Hill*, Martha Cooper-Jones*/Daisy Church*, Helen Kerley*, Ellie Cook*

W11 – J16s – starting 8th in division 4:
Colette Milbourn* (cox), Ellie Wicks*, Anna-Marie Slaymaker*, Olivia Downham*, Lorna McBride*, Abi Godfrey*, Grace Shannan*, Milly Hancock*/Emma Staplehurst*, Fiona Hodgeshon-Kerry*

W12 all were part of the Cantabs learn to row programme in the autumn of 2017, and Town Bumps will be only their 2nd ever race after participating in the Time Race 2 weeks ago. Their 4-seat, Katie Bradshaw, took up rowing after her daughter Beth (bow in W6) learned to row at Cantabs a couple of years ago. Her husband Andrew will be rowing in M14.

W12 – Progression Squad W2 – starting 13th in division 4:
Zac Whitelaw (cox), Barbara Hughes*, Ania Tarasiewicz*, Gabriela Dumitru*, Kasia Brzoska*, Katie Bradshaw*, Catherine Lam*, Sarah Holdsworth*, Alice Thomas*/Ellen Jameson*


*indicates that they learned to row at Cantabs


The club would like to thank Ian Watson and Downing College for boat hire again this year.

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