Hills Road Boys & Senior Women Dominate Winter League 1

Winter League 1 saw some great performances for Cantabs, with 30 entries from across the club.

The Hills Road boys’ squad had a great day, entering 4 crews and coming away with 4 wins. They were successful in J18.4x, NOV.4x, Club B 8+ and NOV 8+, with the J18 Girls from the Junior Performance Squad completing a great set of junior performances by winning W.J18.8+ and finishing as the 2nd fastest W8+ of the day.

The fastest W8+ of the day was the Championship 8+ from the Senior Women’s Squad, with a second crew from the same squad finishing as the fastest Club A 8+ crew. Georgie Plunkett finished as the fastest W1x by far, and there was additional sculling success for Christina Woolner and Sue Hakenbeck, who were the fastest W.NOV.2x, despite them both racing on tired legs after competing in the Club A 8+ in the previous division.

Intermediate Women’s Club B 8+

Jack Goode also finished as the fastest Club A 1x, and the Aquaphobes lead MasD.8+.

There were some strong 2nd place finishes from a number of crews, who will have the opportunity to try and overtake the current leaders in the 2nd leg of Winter League in February. These 2nd place finishes included Carrie Frazer and Steph Creasey in the W.MasEF.2x, who finished only seconds off the leaders despite not having raced or trained seriously beforehand. There were other 2nd place finishes in W.MasCDE.4x (Intermediate Women), Championship 8+ and Club A 8+ (Senior Men), MasD.8+ and Club 2x (Poachers), MasGH.8+ (Invetereights) and W.NOV.8+ (Racks Out).

Full results can be found here.

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