World Masters Regatta 2019

In September, several Cantabs athletes headed to Lake Velence in Hungary to race at the World Rowing Masters Regatta. The event received over 5,000 entries, with competitors ranging from age 26 to 93!

Cantabs athletes featured in a wide range of crews, those either being Cantabs crews or composites with other Cambridge clubs including Champion of the Thames, Chesterton and X-Press.


One of the highlights of the regatta, was a Cantabs-Chesterton-Champs composite featuring Christina Woolner and Sue Hakenbeck from the Senior Women’s Squad, racing in the W.MasC.4x. This crew had enjoyed some good outings in the summer in the lead-up to the regatta despite limited preparation time, and came agonisingly close to winning gold in their event, falling behind on the surge at the finish to the winners from KVM 1881 Melnik RC from the Czech Republic. Sue and Christina went on to have a very quick turnaround after their 4x race, to race in W.MasB.2x, where they finished 3rd.


Elsewhere, there was a pleasing 3rd place finish for Syra Vanderhoof, Rachel Harker-Dann and Roz Fitzgerald from the Intermediate Women’s Squad, with crew mates from Champs in the W.MasD.4+.

Other Cantabs results were:

  • W.MasB.2x ::: 3rd
  • W.MasB.4x (X-Press composite) ::: 5th
  • W.MasC.1x ::: 6th
  • W.MasC.4+ (UTRC/Thames/Strathclyde composite) ::: 2nd
  • W.MasC.4x (Chesterton/Champs composite) ::: 2nd
  • W.MasC.4x (Cercle Nautique/Worcester/Strathclyde composite) ::: 4th
  • W.MasC.8+ (X-Press/Champs/NRC composite) ::: 5th
  • W.MasD.2x (Worcester RC composite) ::: 3rd
  • W.MasD.1x ::: 4th
  • W.MasD.4+ (Champs composite) ::: 3rd
  • W.MasD.4x ::: 6th
  • W.MasD.8+ (Champs/X-Press composite) ::: 6th
  • W.MasE.1x ::: 5th
  • W.MasE.2x (Star composite) ::: 3rd
  • W.MasE.4+ ::: 6th
  • W.MasE.4x (Champs composite) ::: 5th
  • W.MasE.4x (Strathclyde/Aviron Marne/Worcester composite) ::: 3rd
  • W.MasE.8+ (Champs/X-Press composite) ::: 4th
  • Mx.MasC.8+ (City/Champs/X-Press composite) ::: 6th
  • Mx.MasD.2x (Cercle Nautique composite) ::: 2nd
  • Mx.MasD.4x (Cercle Nautique composite) ::: 7th
  • Mx.MasE.2x (Cercle Nautique composite) ::: 2nd

You can find full results on the World Rowing website here.

Special thank you to Seb Walker for towing!

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