Fastest Men’s & Women’s Crews at Winter League 1

The first of the three legs of the Cambridge Winter League took place this weekend, where Cantabs had a very successful day, finishing with the fastest men’s crew, and first and second fastest women’s crews.

The Senior Men’s Squad fielded two eights for their first race of 2017. The IM1 crew of Jimmy Adams, Guy Fiddian, Finn Grimwood, Hannes Dinse, Jonathan McCree-Grey, Andrew Marsden, James King, Hadi Boukhatmi and cox Sara Russo had their first row together in the race. Nonetheless they finished in a time of 9:05, 24 seconds clear of the 2nd placed City of Cambridge crew.

The Senior Men’s Squad IM1.8+ – fastest crew of the day

Not to be outdone, the Senior Women’s Squad’s top 8+ of Millie Perrin, Ellie Darlington, Clare Hall, Eve Caroe, Jordan Bruce, Anita Holender, Harriet Cross and Georgia Vann finished 9th overall in a time of 10:07. This made them the fastest women’s crew of the day, leading W.IM2.8+ by 88 seconds, after a challenging race which saw cox Esther Momcilovic calmly steer her crew between two slower men’s eights in the closing stages of the race.

The Senior Women’s Squad W.IM2.8+ – the fastest women’s crew of the day

The second fastest W8+ of the day was the second 8+ from the Senior Women’s Squad, who won W.IM3.8+ by 27 seconds. Their race was also colourful, with cox Faye Robertson steering Merodie Rose, Judith Weik, Gill Cooper, Barbora Janulikova, Sarah Inskip, Cecilia Collins-Taylor, Alice Brownjohn and Catherine Watson around a Cambridge 99 W8+ who had crashed into the outside of Grassy Corner.

The men’s Novice 8+ is current led by the ‘Aquaphobes’ crew.

There was also success in the smaller boats, with Hadi Boukhatmi finishing as the fastest IM2.1x, and Georgie Plunkett finishing as the fastest W.IM3.1x.

Other entries and results: W.IM2.1x (2nd), MasBC.1x (2nd, 4th), MasE.1x (3rd), NOV.1x (2nd, 4th), Mx.MasCDE.2x (2nd), W.J18.4x- (only entry), W.NOV.4x- (only entry), IM2.8+ (3rd), IM3.8+ (3rd), MasBC.8+ (2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th), W.MasDE.8+ (4th), MasDE.8+ (5th), MasFGH.8+ (3rd), W.NOV.8+ (2nd, 4th), NOV.8+ (3rd).

Full results may be found here.


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