Motley Crew

The Motley Crew is a men’s masters crew that usually goes out as an 8+ twice per week (6:30pm on Wednesday; 7:30am on Saturday) and as a 4+ once per week (7:30am on Sunday).

Motley enter most races on the Cam, and rowed on the Thames for the first time (at Vets Head) in 2019. This year they hope to do more off-Cam races. Several members of Motley have also taken up sculling this season, rowing in singles in the evenings.

Most of Motley learned to row at Cantabs through the Learn to Row Course, and have enjoyed improving every season. Their cox Chris won the prize for best line around Grassy in X-Press Head this year.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Motley Crew, please email Billy Hodge for more information.