History of the Cantabrigian Rowing Club 1950-2010

Ken Drake’s History of Cantabs

Ken Drake has written a fascinating history of the first 60 years of Cantabs. The book provides a record of Cambridge Town bumps racing during this period, and describes key events affecting the CRA, as well as descriptions of Cantabs crews and their successes, various initiatives undertaken by the club over the years, and numerous interesting stories about club members. There are plenty of photos too, of crews, races, members’ weddings, and various newsworthy events, e.g., Bruce Carter, from the Cantabs 5th crew in the 1960 bumps, packing for his trip to Mexico for the 1968 Olympics, where he rowed in the GB Mens VIII.

The 528-page book is accompanied by a CD holding scanned copies of CRA Bumps Programmes, which also provide an interesting view on times gone by, not least from the advertisements for other events. For example, the 1950 CRA Regatta is advertised as being “Followed by a FLANNEL DANCE in the GUILDHALL”, which sounds more sophisticated than most post-regatta events these days!

Copies of the book from the limited edition print run are available exclusively from the club, price £60 (plus p&p where required). Please contact the Club Secretary if you would like to buy one.

About the author: Ken Drake first rowed for the newly-founded club as a schoolboy, maintained links while he did his National Service in the RAF and during his undergraduate days at Fitzwilliam College. He moved away during his years in the teaching profession, but on returning to Cambridge in his retirement he re-established his connections with Cantabs and has since fulfilled diverse roles including coach, club president and bumps bank party.