User Messaging

This is the club’s mass-mailer system. Here, authorised users can send messages or emails to individuals, selected groups (such as Committee members) or to the whole club membership. You can use ‘Ctrl+Click’ or ‘Shift+Click’ to select multiple groups*. Note: Sending a message/messages requires the recipient(s) to visit this site to retrieve/read it, whereas an email is…well, you know what an email is, don’t you? Members are not notified that they have waiting messages – the system depends on them bothering to check! Note too that messages/emails are not sent instantly, they are queued on the system for dispatch in batches to avoid overload. The ’email’ option is therefore strongly preferred, unless you have good reasons not to use it. You cannot include attachments with your message/mail.[user-messages /]* Because each user can belong to only one group, you would need to adopt this approach if, for example, you wanted to send a message to all the active users AND committee members as well. The ‘All Users’ group is an exception – everyone belongs to that.