Bumps History

The links below take you to charts showing the progress of Cantabs crews in the CRA Bumps over the years.

The Men’s chart begins in 1950, the club’s inaugural year. The Women’s chart begins in 1983, when a separate Women’s Division first raced, after several years in which a growing number of women’s crews had been competing against men’s crews. The Women’s division crews raced in coxed IVs between 1983 and 2000, switching to VIIIs in 2001, when a lottery was used to determined the start order for the lower crews.

The information shown was collected and revised by Ken Drake whilst writing the recently published Club History, and visualised by Mike Hunter. Many thanks to both of them.

   Women's Bumps Charts 1983 to 2022

   Men's Bumps Charts 1950 to 2022