Coxes make a valuable contribution in all the Cantabs squads and we welcome new coxes, including complete beginners, for whom we provide Learn to Cox tuition. At Cantabs there are a range of squads (of a range of ages) which will suit all coxing needs, so whether you want to cox once a week for fun or several times a week at a competitive level, we have something to suit you!

With all of our squads rapidly expanding, we’re always on the look out for new coxes to join our squads to steer us. You can find information on our various women’s squads here and our men’s squads here.

We also welcome coxes who want extra experience in addition to their current coxing commitments at other clubs. For example, we can accommodate student coxes splitting time with their Cambridge college club, and student coxes outside of term time when their college clubs might not have any outings. We have also had coxes join us for training in order to prepare for trialling with CUWBC and CUBC.

We provide opportunities to cox off-Cam at local and national events, and even outside of the UK on trips abroad on a regular basis.

At Cantabs we take cox development seriously, offering various opportunities including:

  • One-to-one cox coaching from experienced coxes and coaches
    Including those who have done the Boat Race, won at Henley, at Tideway heads or been successful in Bumps (or all 4!)
  • Structured squad coxing feedback
  • Free attendance at coxing workshops in the region
  • Cantabs coaching/coxing workshops
    The workshop series includes a session on how coxes and coaches can work together to get the best out of their crews, amongst other useful workshops
  • Town Bumps steering lessons

Cantabs coxes also work together to give each other feedback on coxing recording or racing lines.

If you would be interested in joining Cantabs as a cox, please contact the club captain Ellie Darlington.

Club members can see the Coxing section of the Members Handbook for links to resources.