Multiple wins at the Radegund Mile

There were 6 wins for Cantabs crews at the Radegund Mile on Sunday 8 May, with a Senior Women’s 4- finishing as the 2nd fastest women’s crew overall in a field including eights and quads.

The winning women’s novice 8+

The fastest crew of the day overall was the Senior Men’s 8+ who finished 31 seconds clear of the 2nd place crew, which was the Cantabs Aquaphobes, who were the fastest MasCD8+ of the day.

There were eights wins elsewhere, with Racks Out winning the women’s novice 8+ event. Cantabs also fielded the fastest W4+ and W2x, with the Senior Women also entering a W4- which didn’t have any opposition but finished as the 2nd fastest women’s crew of the day just 8 seconds behind the fastest women’s crew which was an 8+. John Cumner raced well to achieve his first win in a single scull in the MasABC1x.

Full results can be found here.

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