Town Bumps 2018 Day 2

Women’s Divisions

It was yet another dull first half of Women’s Division 1 on Wednesday as the top 11 crews all rowed over with W1 having another comfortable row over as Head of the River.


W4 once again had a great row, with the J16s bumping Champs W1 and will chase Robs W2 on Thursday night.

W4 bumping Champs W1

In Division 2, W5 rowed over, and the J18s (W6) had a great row to overbump City W7. On Thursday they will start behind W5. The Hills Returners/Intermediate Women composite (W7) continued their ascent, bumping Champs W5. Cox Ben Whitelaw said:

There was bit of relief on day 2, knowing we didn’t have to row twice. With this we went into the race feeling confident about getting a bump. We set off at a high rate once again but then went for a large stride to rate 37 with a massive power output, especially from the middle 4. I could see we were reeling them in but to gain more water I wanted to go tight around the first corner approaching the A14 bridge. I called for more pressure on bow side and Kiah Conroy responded with a great push to get us around effectively. We managed to catch Champs W5 crew before the first-post corner.

W7 post bump

In Division 3,  W8 (Hills Road) rowed over. W9 (F&J) and W10 (Racks Out) were bumped by X-Press W3 and Isle of Ely W2, respectively. W11 (Hills Road Learn to Row) had a good row and improved on their first bumps race, to bump back Nines W7.

Men’s Divisions

In Men’s Division 1 it was a similar story to Women’s Division 1, with M1 rowing over comfortably as Head of the River for a 2nd night in a row.


M2 had their 2nd row over of the week, with M3 succeeding in their 2nd bump of the week, bumping City M2.


M4 had a good row and bumped Nines M3.


In Men’s Division 2, M5 (Intermediate Men) got a bump on City M5 and M6 (Hills M1) bumped X-Press M3. The Aquaphobes (M7) had their 2nd row over of the week.


Hills M2 (M8) bumped X-Press M4, putting them as Head of Division 3, and then rowed over as sandwich boat in Division 2.

Poachers clearing the racing line after bumping

M9 rowed over, M10 (Poachers) bumped Champs M4, and M11 (Past Masters) put in another good performance. They said:

After the first night excitement of an overbump, we managed to bump Champs 5. It was over quite quickly after we got off to a good start. We were on top of them before First Post Corner.

Past Masters bumping Champs M5

In Men’s Division 4, Activ8 (M12) were bumped by Hunter Crew (M13), with InveterEight (M14) rowing over 2 places behind. There was another Cantabs-on-Cantabs crime further down the division, as the J15 boys (M15) were bumped by Motley Crew (M16). Motley said:

We recorded our first bump since the heady days of 2015 – and only our 3rd bump ever – when we caught the J15s along the Reach. After the disappointment of Tuesday night, when we just missed out on an overbump, we now find ourselves chasing the Cambridge Vets as we attempt to climb up the highly competitive Men’s Division 4!

Motley Crew

Thank you to Guy Beauchamp and Bill Amos for the photographs. There is a write-up of all of the evening’s action in the Cambridge News.

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