6 Winter League wins

Winter League 3 saw Cantabs crews come home with 6 wins, as well as some narrow 2nd place finishes.

Not deterred but definitely tired from their win at WEHORR the previous day, the Senior Women nonetheless secured wins in both of their events, winning the Women’s Championship 8+ and Women’s Club A 8+.

Women’s Championship 8+

There were also wins in both men’s and women’s masters events for the Aquaphobes, Intermediate Women and Progression Women as they took home comfortable wins in MasCD 8+, WMasCD 8+ and WMasE 8+.

ChiYing Chen was the fastest W1x in the event.

There were also a host of close 2nd place finishes, most notably in the Men’s Championship 8+, as Cantabs were just 0.2 seconds behind Nines, after beating them by 0.8 seconds in the first leg. The Senior Men next turn their attention to Eights Head. Elsewhere, the Intermediate Women finished 2nd in Women’s Club B 8+, the Senior Men’s 2nd 8+ finished 2nd in the Club 8+, and Andrew Morley was 2nd in the MasCDE 1x.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of our squads, please visit their pages on our website.

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