Cantabs Dominate at Christmas Head as Junior Squad Flourishes

The day after the Senior Women’s and Senior Men’s Squads walked away with wins in the invitational eights at Fairbairns on Friday (including the women’s 8+ being the fastest W8+ by 46 seconds), the younger members of the club had their chance to shine on Saturday.

The following photographs are courtesy of Bjoern Zeeb, Alice Brownjohn and Kate Belger.

Winners of the best fancy dress

Winners of the best fancy dress

Cantabs fielded the most crews of any club, and went home with the most wins thanks to a large entry from a successful junior contingent.

The Poachers' IM3.8+ dressed as Mary Poppins and chimney sweeps

The Poachers’ IM3.8+ dressed as Mary Poppins and chimney sweeps

Keeping the side up for those of us old enough to drink spirits from the shot glasses awarded as prizes were Cecile Jacklin and David Richardson who won Mx.MasD.2x, and Rebecca Cicolecchia, Sally Hames, Emma Dalrymple, Alice Brownjohn, Debbie Morley, Marjon Hilgenga, Megan Leoni and Rachael Crockford all dressed up as bumble bees with cox Barbara Blacklaws as bee keeper to win the best fancy dress award in their W.IM3.8+.

The Aquaphobes came 2nd in NOV.8+ dressed like snowmen

The Aquaphobes came 2nd in NOV.8+ dressed like snowmen

The Cantabs juniors scored wins in J18.8x+ for the ‘Jingle Bells’ crew of Onur, Katie O, Sofia, Ellie G, Jessie, Mia, Olivia B, Zara and Amy. Onur then went on to win J14.4x+ in his ‘Polar Express’ crew with Sofia, Toby A, Felix and Harry. 2nd and 3rd in that event were the Cantabs ‘Christmas Trees’ and ‘Candy Canes’.

A novice 8+ payed homage to Yo! Sushi

A W.NOV.8+ paid homage to Yo! Sushi

Katie and Zara from ‘Jingle Bells’ were also double winners after winning W.J15.2x in their ‘Christmas Angels’ crew.

The Women's Progression Squad

The Women’s Progression Squad

The ‘Wise Men’ Arthur and Tom S won J14.2x. Second to them was another Cantabs crew, ‘Dasher’.

Hills Road Boys winning IM3.8+

Hills Road Boys winning IM3.8+

There were two coxed quad wins for the ‘Christmas Fairies’ Joshua, Fiona, Olivia D, Maria and Ann-Marie in W.J16.4x+, and for the ‘Ho Ho Ho’ crew of Ben Whitelaw, Samuel, Borisz, Toby R and Ethan in J17.4x+.

Phil & Katrina as Robin Hood and Maid Marion

Phil & Katrina as Robin Hood and Maid Marion (3rd in Mx.MasD.2x)

Two junior crews also won adult events, with the W.IM3.4x- ‘Christmas Turkeys’ of Helena, Ellie G, Kitty and Shona beating out competition from Cantabs’ own Intermediate Women’s Squad.

christmas-trees-4x-girlsThe Hills Road Boys also scored yet another win in IM3.8+, ending a good racing year from them where their top crews have repeatedly beaten competition from adult crews on the Cam.

The 'Jingle Bells' were the fastest junior 8x+

The ‘Jingle Bells’ were the fastest junior 8x+

There were also many other Cantabs entries in other events: David Richardson was 2nd in MasEF.1x, Dave Meredith was 5th in his first ever race in NOV.1x, 2nd in W.J14.2x, 2nd in J16.2x, Andrew Morley and Nicola Pearson were the fastest of 2 Mx.MasBC.2x entries, the Hunter Crew were the only MasC.4+ entered, ‘Blitzen’ were the fastest W.J17.4x- of 2, ‘Santa’s Elves’ were 2nd in J15.4x+, ‘Prancer’ were 4th in J15.4x+, ‘Arthur Christmas’ were 2nd in Mx.J15.4x+, the ‘Christmas Fairies’ were 2nd in W.J16.4x+, the Poachers were 4th in IM3.8+, ‘Sleigh Bells’ beat out ‘Mistletoe’ in Mx.J17.8x+, the Hills Road Girls were 4th in W.J18.8+, the Progression Squad women were 4th in W.MasABC.8+, the Masters Men’s Performance Squad beat Motley Crew to be the fastest of 2 MasCD.8+, the InVeterEight were 2nd in MasEFG.8+ and the ‘Burrowers’ 3rd, the Hills Belles were 2nd and ‘Racks Out were 6th in W.NOV.8+, the Aquaphobes were 2nd and Hills Road Boys 2 were 3rd in NOV.8+, the Senior Women’s Squad were (unsurprisingly!) the sole entrants in W.IM3.8x+, with ‘Comet’ the only Mx.J13.8x+, and ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ the only Mx.J15.8x+.

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