Aquaphobes race in Belfast

Whilst one crew of Aquaphobes raced at Winter Head, finishing 2nd in their event, another crew were on their way to Belfast to compete at the Lagan Head. Racing over a 4200m course, the Aquaphobes finished 2nd in their event and finished 10th overall.

Starting near the ferry terminals, Cantabs faced an upstream race against a 20 knot headwind, tide, swell and chop. This, combined with navigating numerous bridges and weirs, made for a different challenge for cox Emma Smith.

The Aquaphobes raced well, overtaking 5 crews during the race, beating all Belfast-based crews in their event, coming 2nd to a crew from Neptune.

It’s been a fantastic couple of days for us. One of our former squad members, Ali Nicol, moved to Belfast a year or so ago and kept in touch. He and everyone at Belfast BC did wonders to sort out a boat and blades for us, find a spare rower and help navigate the entry requirements. It was also great to catch up with (former Cantabs Men’s Captain) Matt Crowe. Of course, we’ve picked up some shirts from Belfast BC which we’ll be sporting with pride on the Cam.

Squad captain, Neil Sparnon

The Aquaphobes next race at Fairbairns. You can read more about them here.

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