Cambridge Small Boats Head 2019

Despite some Cantabs crews not having accurate results published after technical problems at Robs Small Boats Head, there were promising results for other crews in a small field of entries.

Fastest crew of the day

Results showed that the fastest crew of the day was the IM3.2x of Jack Goode and Jeremy Austin from the Senior Men’s Squad, finishing 6 seconds ahead of the 2nd placed crew from Cambridge 99. Coach Andy Johnson said,

I was very impressed with the way they attacked the course, particularly the Long Reach in an almost-boat-stopping headwind – certainly challenging conditions for a lightweight crew.

There were other good 2x results, with Christina Woolner and Sue Hakenbeck of the Senior Women’s Squad finishing as the fastest WMas2x, and Ellie Darlington and Elena Williams were the fastest W2x overall. The Cantabs juniors also raced doubles well, with wins in J17.2x, W.J17.2x and W.J18.2x.

Sue and Christina also raced in the WMas4x in their 2nd-place finishing Cantabs/Chesterton/Champs composite from World Masters, winning their event and also being the fastest W4x of the day. The fastest W2- of the day was the new combination of Ann Laube and Isabella Mahoney.

In the single sculls, Georgie Plunkett started the season off with yet another show of dominance, finishing as the fastest W1x. Debs Oakley won W.IM3.1x, Chiara Avancini won W.NOV.1x and Katie Oliver won W.J18.1x.

You can find full results here.

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