Sad news – Ron Loewenbein, Cantabs Vice President

We recently received the sad news of the death of Ron Loewenbein, a Cantabs Vice President. Ron rowed with Cantabs in the 70s and 80s, and was the club treasurer for a notable fourteen years.

Andy Johnson wrote:

I was very sad to hear of the death of Ron. I knew him very well and think I persuaded him to take on the role of treasurer when I first took on being Captain. He was for many years a constant feature of the committee. I also rowed with him in many Cantab crews initially M1 and M2 and later in various veteran crews.

Even after he retired from rowing, and indeed his position on committee, I use to see him turning out every year as one of our marshals for the bumps. He was one of those people you could always rely on – a complete club member. I have many fond memories of him. There is no doubt in my mind he was one of that small band of guys who laid the foundation for the growth of the club as we now see it, albeit in an often understated way.

He was above all a really nice guy – it is an honour to have rowed with him.



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